Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Training For Triathlon #2

Monday I start training for my second triathlon, the Keystone State Triathlon. Even though this is not my A race I still want to put my focus on this race for the next six weeks. My fitness level increased dramatically after I started triathlon training so I am hoping I can build a solid base before jumping into marathon training. I have designed a plan that targets my weaknesses and builds my running endurance that will hopefully allow me to cross the finish lines at all of my races feeling strong.

Continue swimming once a week.
I only swam once a week while training for the General Smallwood International Triathlon, some weeks I didn't swim at all, and still finished first in my age group and 12th female overall on the swim. After learning that the course was 1900 meters rather than 1500 meters I am super confident about going forward with minimal swim training. I held a 1:32 pace on the swim and was hardly pushing myself. I would rather work on my weaknesses.

I miss swimming in Ft. Lauderdale

Yoga & strength training.
I started going to yoga a few weeks ago and noticed a difference immediately. My legs felt so much better before, during, and after runs. In addition to yoga, though, I want to start strength training so I can stay injury free during these next few months of training. Strength training also really helps with hill climbing on the bike which is my biggest weakness.

Long runs & track runs.
Technically I am also starting marathon training next week so running will ultimately be my priority even during this triathlon training cycle. I am not so worried about the easy and shorter runs but I need to start building my running endurance now. I probably won't run anything longer than 12 miles before the triathlon but the point is to be ready to jump into longer distances soon after. I also want to keep up with my weekly track party runs. I like running fast and think it will help me achieve the lofty goals I have set for myself.

Getting comfortable biking on the road.
I probably should not admit to this but Saturday's triathlon was my first time biking on the road. I normally ride on a pancake flat gravel trail that has no cars. I like the safety and easiness of it so I have just stuck to it. But if I want to make progress and learn to successfully climbs hills I need to practice riding on the road.

Recovery workouts & rest days.
I am only human and need to take rest and recovery days. I hope to take one rest day per week in addition to a few recovery workouts to let my body, well, recover. This is not the time to over do it so I want to be careful and listen to my body.

These are the things that I will be doing weekly to get me into racing shape. However, I also wanted to incorporate other things that will be rotated throughout the next 6 weeks.

Although I find it difficult to be inside when I could be riding outside I think spinning will help with hill climbing. After my first spin class my quads were screaming. This is a great way for me to work on standing in the saddle and increasing strength in a controlled environment.

Trail running.
Trail running is not necessarily an important aspect of either triathlon training or marathon training but I really enjoy being out on the trails. It is the perfect way for me to relax while still getting some miles in. And all the hills certainly won't hurt.

Bricks are crucial for triathlon training but are just not something I can fit into my weekly schedule. I don't want to do too much each week so I think incorporating bricks in every other week is the best approach. Ideally I would do one brick a week but every other week will have to do for now.

Long bike rides.
On the weeks that I don't do a brick I will do a longer bike ride. These rides help build endurance and confidence. I am a cycling newbie so any time in the saddle will be beneficial for me.

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  1. Yay daily mile friend. Yoga is wonderful but I always slack at adding it to my routine.