Friday, June 22, 2012

My First Track Party

After a pretty bad run on Tuesday I wanted redemption. I decided to head to the track on Wednesday evening for my very first track party. I have honestly never had any desire to run at the track but after reading about how much fun Sarah was having during her track parties I wanted to have one myself. I didn't want to do a long workout or anything that would leave me too sore but I still wanted a challenge. I settled on doing a mile warm up, followed by four rounds of a 400 sprint and an 800 recovery.

The warm up mile was slow and terribly boring, leaving me questioning why I was even at the track. But after my first 400 sprint I remembered why I was there. I had no time goals for this run, only to sprint my heart out and see what I was capable of. I am not used to doing short fast sprints so it took my body a little bit to really get going.

4 x 400 sprint
1:52 (7:09), ? (I forgot to hit lap), 1:44 (6:59), 1:40 (6:40)

I had my garmin set up so it only showed me time, not pace. I was able to somewhat figure out my pace with a little math but I was still shocked to see how fast I was going once I got home. Anything sub 8 min/mile is normally pretty darn fast for me so I was in no way expecting to see a number starting with a 6 pop up.

This run may not be very impressive to those of you who frequent the track and do longer and harder runs but for me this was a pretty big deal. I still have a little over two weeks until my first triathlon but this run left me excited to start marathon training. I had a blast running instead of forcing myself to keep going. I actually considered doing more repeats but it was already dark out and I had a lot of homework to finish.

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