Sunday, June 24, 2012

General Smallwood Training Week 13

Monday was a rough day for me. My stomach was in all kinds of pain and didn't cooperate the entire day. I ended up getting nothing done and rather stayed in bed catching up on rest. I did muster up the energy to take the puppy on her 2 mile nightly walk though.

I woke up Tuesday morning and couldn't decide between going for a run or going to yoga. My legs have been incredibly tight lately so I ultimately decided on going to yoga with the intention to do the run some other time this week. After 60 min of yoga my entire body felt like it had been completely rejuvenated. In the evening my boyfriend and I went out for a run through my neighborhood. We were doing more exploring and found a really nice bridle path about a mile from my house. The run was really hilly and my legs felt like lead the entire time but I loved being out there with my boyfriend. We finished up with 3.39 miles.

When I woke up on Wednesday my legs were pretty sore from Tuesday's hilly run. I wanted to get in a bike ride but my seat needed to be lowered some and my dad, who has the tools, was out of town. Instead I opted to do my first track workout. Even though my legs were still tight I was surprised by the paces I was running. I wore my Pure Cadence and loved them as a fast running shoe. Since I wasn't exactly feeling fresh I decided to only do a 4 mile run. It may have been short but it still kicked my butt.

I had a 22 mile recovery bike ride planned for Thursday morning but within the first mile of the ride my left leg started seizing due to being sore from Wednesday's track session. I still wanted to loosen up my legs so I kept my pace ridiculously slow and only rode for a total of 9.61 miles. By the end of the ride things were feeling much better but my legs were still sore in general so I switched my planned swim for 30 minutes of yoga. I feel so much better after going to yoga and will definitely be incorporating it into marathon training in a big way.

I slept in on Friday and enjoyed every minute of it. Then at night my boyfriend and I went to the gym. I worked my hamstrings, quads, lats, and triceps mostly. Like most endurance athletes I want to incorporate more strength work into my training but it is always the first thing I skip. Still, it was nice to be at the gym for 45 min of strength training.

Saturday afternoon I set out to do my second brick of triathlon training. I did an 18 mile bike ride followed by a 3 mile run. The bike ride was nothing special but I was really surprised by my run pace. I felt terribly slow the whole time but was still averaging 9:19 min/mile. Over the past week and a half I have really seen my running improving.

I spent all Sunday catching up on laundry and schoolwork. It felt great just to spend the day doing neglected chores and getting everything back in order. I did go for a 2 mile walk at the end of the day though.

Weekly Totals
  • Biking: 28.37 miles
  • Running: 10.4 miles
  • Walking: 4 miles
  • Yoga: 90 min
  • Strength: 45 min
  • Total Hours: 7 hours 16 min

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