Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting In the Holiday Spirit

Thanksgiving officially marks the start of the Christmas for my family and me. My mom has been working hard hanging all the Christmas decorations and putting up the three trees we have.

My goal this year is to make the most of this holiday season. It is my favorite time of year and there are many traditions that I want to make sure hold up this year. This is how I plan on spending my Christmas season:

1. Hanging Christmas decorations. I have been thinking lately that I should pick up decorations to deck out my apartment. I'm not sure about putting up a Christmas tree but other decorations are fair game. A little Christmas sparkle will definitely help me get in the holiday spirit.

2. Baking Christmas cookies. I absolutely love sugar cookies and can't wait to make some yummy holiday treats. This year I want to try making reindeer cookies. They are super cute and will be delicious too. I also want to try making something with candy canes. Peppermint is my favorite holiday flavor so any treat made with candy canes is sure to taste great.

3. Drinking hot chocolate and tea. Hot chocolate is a favorite of mine. Last year one of my friends gave me a white chocolate hot chocolate and peppermint stirrers. It is a truly fantastic combination that I can't wait to break out again this year. I also fully plan on taking advantage of Starbucks holiday drinks. I am not a big coffee drinker but I am a sucker for those red cups.

4. Watching an abundance of Christmas movies.  Elf is my favorite Christmas movie, and luckily it is played multiple times a week. I am also a big fan of the Santa Clause movies. It really doesn't even matter what I am watching as long as it is Christmas themed I am happy.

5. Listening to Christmas music. Luckily Pandora allows me to listen to as much Christmas music as my heart desires. I have already changed my radio station to one that plays Christmas music. I love falling asleep listening to Christmas music too.

I am also going to see The Nutcracker put on by the Russian Ballet with my mom and going to a holiday lights display with my family. Now I just have to convince my boyfriend to do all of the above with me!

How do you celebrate the Christmas season?

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