Thursday, February 5, 2015

Swim Set of the Week: February 2-8

One of the questions I am asked the most from fellow triathletes is about how I train for the swim leg. As a former competitive swimmer I have years of experience, 12 to be exact, in the pool. Because of this experience I know the value of drills and working on technique, as well as getting variety through doing the other three strokes. I thought it would be a fun idea to share a new swim workout each week. I would love for you to comment with your own favorite sets that maybe I'll share with everyone. I also want to put together a Q&A post so hit me with whatever swim questions you may have!

For the first week I am choosing a set that I did earlier this week and really enjoyed. At the beginning of each season I like to spend a lot of time pulling to get my stroke back to where it should be. Once my technique is back on track then I really start putting in the work. You will also notice I do the same warm up each time and finish every swim with a short cool down. Just like you wouldn't start a hard run without warming up first, you shouldn't start intervals in the pool without doing a warm up. Even when I am doing an easy swim, I always do a warm up.

Warm up
200 swim, 200 kick, 200 drill, 200 pull

Pre-main set
150 @ 2:30
100 @ 1:40
50 @ :50
Continuous [50 kick, 100 drill, 50 kick]

Main set
20 x 50 pull @ :50
10 x 50 swim @ :45

Cool down
Easy 200, your choice of stroke (I like to do a mix of freestyle, backstroke and some kicking).

I included the intervals I did this set on but modify to your own speed. I typically do sets on a 1:40 base per 100 unless I am going harder. For the 50s pick an interval that will give you about 10 seconds between each 50.

Total yards- 3,000

Happy swimming!

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