Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Road to Ironman Lake Placid Week 2

This week was pretty light before ramping things up next week. I tried to catch up on sleep and rest while also getting in the work that needed to be done. The good news is that despite two rest days I nailed all of my key workouts this week. The bad news is that there were two unplanned rest days. Womp, womp. You can't win them all, right?

Monday- rest day.

Tuesday started with an easy, albeit hilly 3 mile run. The upside to living in a hilly neighborhood is all the hill work but the downside is easy and recovery runs don't exist. Tuesday evening was another round of Gung Ho trainer spin class. Dare I say I'm starting to like riding on the trainer?

Wednesday was one run workout for the week: hill repeats. Big surprise. The prescribed workout was 10 x 1 minute hill sprints with 3 minutes recovery after each interval. The focus of these workouts is running strong and maintaining form while running uphill. I felt much better than last week so I think it's working. I rounded out the day with some at-home strength focusing on glute activation.

Thursday was unfortunately my only swim this week. I have been seriously lacking motivation when it comes to swimming. It's only fueled by how out of shape I feel in the water. Today's 2700 yards wasn't any better. Oof.

Friday- I finally got a speed sensor for my tri bike so put the new setup to the test with an hour of commercial break intervals. The gist- ride easy during the show, ride hard during commercials. I surprised myself by actually enjoying this workout. Maybe there's hope for me after all.

Saturday- More strength, more glute activation.

Sunday- rest day. I may have skipped my planned run in favor of getting a donut. Oops.

What happened to #Juno?

On the non-training front, this week was pretty uneventful. My mom and I are starting to work on putting together the 5K we are hosting again this June so most of the week was filled with meetings and brainstorming. The good news is that we made a lot of progress and are feeling really good about this year's race.

Super Bowl Sunday was also super low-key. In the past my sister and her boyfriend have come over but this year it was just my mom and I, neither of whom know much about football. While we may not have known what was going on the entire time, at least we had good snacks.


  1. I love the commercial break interval idea but when I'm on the trainer I watch netflix. Hmmm... how to make that happen! I had been lacking in swim motivation until I joined a group and now I'm gung ho again.

  2. I just found your blog from the link up at rUnladylike. It caught my eye because I did Placid last year as my first IM. What an incredible day it was! Seeing your first few IM training recaps takes me back to a year ago when I was starting my journey. What a crazy six months it was and I look forward to following yours!

  3. Nice job this week. I love your idea to do your hard speed intervals on the trainer during TV commercials. Good idea. I put my Kindle on my aero bars and read while I'm riding, so sometimes I'll agree to read one chapter hard and one easy depending on how long the chapters are. I've found that reading helps make the time go by faster for me on the trainer than the TV. I seriously loathe the trainer more than the treadmill. LOL. Great job on your hill repeats too. Thanks for linking up with your review! Have a great week ahead. xo