Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekly Workouts // January 12-18

This week was less than ideal but for good reasons. I only managed to get workouts in Monday and Tuesday but they were both quality days and that's what matters.

Monday- I've been trying to get to spin class at least once a week in addition to the two trainer classes I'm going to. I really hate riding on the trainer but I know that I need to do as much riding as I can this winter. For now that means supplementing with spin class. 10 miles of intervals followed by 50 minutes of work in the weight room.

Tuesday- After having some knee pain last week I took a few days off from running to let things calm down. I ran a short and easy 2.1 morning miles with no knee pain. Whew! Tuesday evening was spent on the trainer for another round of the Gung Ho trainer ride series. This ride was so intense it the way that makes you hate every minute while you're doing and love it once you're done.

The rest of the week was a combination of traveling to Philadelphia for my official grad school interview immediately followed by wisdom tooth surgery. The interview went as well as it could have and now I'm just waiting for a final decision. Fingers crossed! I took the opportunity to explore Philly a little, including Chinatown. Really hoping to be able to call this city home in the fall.

Thursday morning I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed and was prohibited from all exercise through Sunday. I'm happy to report that I spent almost every hour of those four days on the couch being completely useless. I drank my share of fresh juices and smoothies and tried to get down as much solid food as I could. Which was basically none.

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  1. Fingers are totally crossed about school, I'm sure you nailed that interview! Bummer about wisdom teeth, hope you feel better soon love!