Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekly Workouts // January 5-11

When I first started racing triathlons I had this far fetched dream of completing an ironman someday. I formulated a multi-year plan consisting of a year of sprint and Olympic distance races, a year dedicated to a 70.3, and culminating in a year with an ironman. I came up with this specific plan knowing that I would be graduating in December and not starting grad school (fingers crossed!) until that August. Instead of taking my time off to travel I wanted to train for an ironman. Despite this plan of mine, I was still in shock when that Monday in July rolled around and I was actually signing up. I think because I was still in the heart of training for Nationals and that 70.3, it never really sank in that I had signed up for an ironman. It was like I signed up, went back to training, and then my senior semester started and successfully navigating my senior research project and applying to grad school took over. Then the holidays rolled around and now suddenly training for that ironman has started.

I'm still putting the final touches on my training for Lake Placid so these first few weeks are certainly not going to be anything special. It's more about the consistency and the mental side of being "in training." So with that, here we go!

Monday. After almost four months with no swimming, I made my way back to the pool to see what kind of hole I had dug myself in. Although there is a lot of work to do, I'm not in as bad of shape as I was expecting. Three cheers for 11 years of competitive swimming giving me one hell of a swim base. I rounded out day one of ironman training with a short 2.5 mile neighborhood jog in my new Hokas.

Tuesday. Of course we would get our first batch of winter weather during my first week of training. Luckily we only got some snow showers. I managed to head out for another 2.5 mile run that unfortunately was cut short by some IT band pain.

Wednesday. Thankfully all the ice and slush on the roads melted in time to get in 2000 yards of swimming and some strength training. The new year means a new way of lifting: heavy! I'm lowering the reps and increasing the weights and trying to gain some muscle this year.

Thursday. Another day, another 2000 yards in the pool. My focus in the pool for the next few weeks is slow, steady technique. Today also marked the first of many trainer rides provided by my amazing local bike shop, Gung Ho. 16.76 miles full of intervals concluded the day.

Friday. After taking my grandma to the airport I hit the gym for some more strength training. Nothing fancy, just picking things up and putting them back down.

Saturday. Ahh, glorious rest day.

Sunday. Because it's still winter and I love winter, I hit up the local trails for some data free snowy trail exploring with my best girl.

In non-training news, I have officially been cleared to coach with Girls On the Run. I spent all of Saturday in training and getting certified in CPR. To be honest, I am super nervous about coaching these girls. I have never been in charge of a bunch of elementary age girls and am a little afraid they are going to eat me alive.

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  1. How do you like your Hokas?! Game changer for me :) Great first week of IM training!

    Congrats on your GOTR coaching! Such an amazing organization… you will be a fantastic coach!