Friday, June 13, 2014

The Day that Wasn't Meant to Be

On my schedule for this morning was a long bike ride. With a 50% chance of rain I went to bed knowing that the ride might not be happening. I've ridden in the rain before but try to avoid heavy rain or solo biking in the rain. I had a contingency plan in place in case in was raining, which of course it was. I would move my long ride to Monday and go to the gym to swim and strength train instead. Back to bed I went.

When I woke up at 8:00 it was bright and sunny out. I checked the weather to see the radar was clear with the storms removed from the forecast. Bike ride was back on. I got all my gear packed up and drove to my starting location only for it to start raining. Ugh. I tried to wait out the storm but the rain only came down harder. 

Off to the pool I went. I was progressing nicely through my workout when the lifeguard whistled for us to get out. The storms were back and were not going to let me get any of my workouts in. I took it as a sign to enjoy a little extra rest and be ready to tackle the weekend's workouts with more gusto. 

I try to be flexible with my training and always have a backup plan if inclement weather is in the forecast but some things you just can't plan for. Initially I was pretty frustrated about missing part of my swim. I was beating myself up over it, like it somehow meant I wasn't going to be ready for my races at the end of the summer. While I was lifting at the gym I finally realized how ridiculous I was being, especially since swimming is the least of my worries.

Sometimes training, and life, doesn't go according to plan and you know what, that's okay. 

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  1. Flexibility is something I've really learned with teaching, and it definitely relates to all aspects of life!