Monday, June 16, 2014

Rev3 Poconos 70.3 Training Week 3

This week flew by. I feel like I say that every week but it's true. Time has been moving so fast lately. Before I know it it's going to be September 14th and race day.

I tried to pay more attention to the little things this week and it showed. I'm working on a post about the changes I've made to my diet and fueling for workouts. It really is incredible how much better properly fueled workouts feel.

When I was working on my training plan for this summer I debated whether or not to include strength training as training for a half ironman is plenty of work on its own. So far I like the strength I've gained and can't really justify omitting it.

Anyway, this is how the week played out.

Monday- I had plans to go to the track but had to make an unexpected trip down to my apartment that ate up the whole day. A rest day after my first real long ride of half ironman training was certainly welcomed.

Tuesday- Strength training with some new buddies at the gym followed by a quick 40 minute progression run in the evening.

Wednesday- 3200 yards of hard 100's for lunch. I've done my fair share of hard swim workouts over the years but haven't been really pushing myself that hard lately. I wanted to challenge myself so I did 8 x 100 free on averaging 1:12 followed by 8 x 50 free holding :33 on little rest. I closed out the day with the Gung Ho women's ride of 22.33 miles of riding with ~1300 feet of climbing.

Thursday- After a long day of training on Wednesday an hour of yoga felt absolutely amazing.

Friday- Friday was a struggle for me. Despite the crazy weather I managed to get in 1700 yards of swimming followed by strength training.

Saturday- Somehow I hadn't ridden the course for my upcoming triathlon that is practically right outside my house so that's what I did on Saturday. It was crazy windy and at one point I was actually afraid of blowing over. I still managed a solid 14.5 miles of riding before heading to my best friend's bridal shower.

Sunday- It was a bit cooler here on Sunday so I took advantage of the weather and slept in a little before getting in my run. Most of my runs are done on a flat rail trail but since the run course of my half ironman is pretty hilly I decided to start incorporating more hills into my runs. 8 miles with the last 2 all uphill and my legs were toast.

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  1. I think strength training can only help you if you can fit it in. It will come in handy during those long bikes and runs. I wish I would do it more for sure. Nice job out there!