Monday, April 14, 2014

Columbia Triathlon Training Week 8

Week 8 was a good week for me. Things sort of fell into place for me. It was my biggest week of training so far this year but it didn't feel heavy at all. I've really missed logging higher hours and am excited to put in some more this week.


Monday's run was not my favorite but that's just because it was raining. More like pouring. It was cold and I only had shorts at my apartment so I paired them with a jacket and the result was freezing legs and really hot arms and chest. To be honest, the fact that I dragged myself out there in the rain marks a change in my commitment and attitude towards training.

4.34 mile run, 9:25 avg.


Swimming hasn't been great for me lately. Just kind of meh. It's not bad but I don't feel as strong and powerful as I normally should. I'm also struggling to get in higher yardage with the pool schedule on campus.

2300 yd swim
50 min strength


Not the best run, not the worst run. I had coffee in the morning after a late night at the National's game and was still jittery at 6 when I started my run. I wasn't sure how the coffee was going to affect me but I felt more or less alright. The hills of campus kicked my butt though.

6.15 mile run, 9:22 avg.


See Tuesday's swim.

Strength training has been going really well though. Not only can I see a physical difference, if only a tiny one, but I can feel a difference in my training. My new favorite thing is assisted chin-ups. I think I did 40 total on Thursday and boy was I sore.

2300 yd swim
50 min strength


I should have known this wasn't going to feel good after such a hard strength session on Thursday. I planned on doing four miles but was done after three and walked the last one. Sometimes I forget the importance of recovery runs and easy runs. I can't be the only one who ends up going faster than they should right?

3 mile run, 9:29 avg.


We had the most beautiful weather this weekend. It was warm, sunny and perfect. I started the morning with a short progression run to get a little speed work in. My splits were 9:49, 8:48, 8:34, 8:16. The first mile was my warm up before I got to work. It's crazy how hard it is to get my legs to turn over fast anymore.

I closed out the day with an easy bike ride through Dover. I've done this route a couple times this year and each time I feel better and better.

4 mile run, 8:52 avg.
18.65 mile bike, 15.1 mph


One of the local bike shops hosts weekly Sunday morning rides that take you on the Columbia Triathlon route. Whenever possible I try to train on the course for races so I know what to expect on race day. There are some courses I know so well that I know where every pothole is. This was my only chance to ride the course with the group since my weekends are pretty booked for the next few weeks.

The ride was pretty slow but I was able to take note of certain hills, sharp turns and sketchy descents. I still don't think the course is that hilly, contrary to what everyone tells me. I'd say its more rolling than big climbs. Still it was good to do a practice run.

24.66 mile bike, 14.3 mph

4600 yards
43.31 miles bike
17.49 miles run
8 hours 46 min


  1. You are killing it with the training! You running pace is looking awesome, girl!

  2. Great week! You're definitely not the only one who ends up running faster than she should… I do it all the time much to coach's dismay! :)