Monday, March 24, 2014

Columbia Triathlon Training Week 5

Last week I took a much needed break from structured training and did whatever workouts I wanted to do. I ended up being pretty productive and having some great workouts. Sometimes it's too hard to plan workouts in advance when the weather is so unpredictable so instead I'm focusing on getting in what I can. If one week is run heavy that's fine as long as I'm getting in quality workouts.

Some highlights from the week include my first track workout of the season, an outdoors bike ride, and the fastest swim workout I've done since I was a competitive swimmer. I rode on Friday and was on such an endorphin high. I've missed spending time outside on two wheels. I was going to ride again on Saturday but it was super windy and I didn't feel safe enough to leave the parking lot. Plus I'm squirrelly when it comes to biking and get really nervous over silly things.

I had intentions of swimming more than once while home for break but the nice weather kept enticing me outside. Wednesday's swim more than made up for it though. The water was a balmy 85.6 degrees which is about 5.6 degrees too warm. I actually like training in the warmer water as it had me really prepared for my warmer water races. My main set was 2 rounds of 6 x 100 on the 1:35, first 6 were 75 easy/25 hard and the final 6 were 50 easy/50 hard. I averaged 1:14-1:16 during the first round and 1:08-1:12 during the second. I remember struggling to hit these paces during the peak of my training last summer so to see them so early on is huge for me. Swimming is already my strength but I want to really take advantage of that this year.

Here's how the week played out:


Puppy runs are the best runs

2.84 mile run, 9:36 avg.
50 min strength


55 min body flow
6 mile run, 8:57 avg.


Dear UMBC, please open your outdoor pool now. Thanks.

3000 yd swim
40 min strength


2 mile run, 10:38 avg.
55 min yoga


18.71 miles bike, 15.77 mph


4.35 mile run, 9:20 avg.



3000 yards
18.71 mile bike
15.19 miles run
7 hours 51 min


  1. I have to go to a meet at UMBC on Sunday!!! I wish it were outside :( Also, can't wait to ride my bike outside!

  2. Sometimes throwing away the plan for a week is soo soo good for you. Nice training week and congrats again on nailing that interview!