Monday, March 3, 2014

Columbia Triathlon Training Week 2


I don't remember much about this swim other than I felt good. I've been regularly strength training and every time I get in the pool it is evident.

2300 yd swim
45 min strength


Typical Tuesday morning yoga and technique swim. I don't normally like swimming after yoga or lifting but I' coming to really like these short technique focused swims. It's nice to be able to completely let go of all pressure to hit certain paces and reconnect with the water.

Although it wasn't speedy this run was awesome. I felt so relaxed the entire time and felt like I could have run forever. For awhile even my easy runs were somewhat of a strugglefest. Runs like these remind me why I run in the first place.

55 min yoga
1600 yd swim
4.34 miles, 9:44 avg


I had no motivation to do this swim and almost bailed on it so many times but I told myself I could take it easy as long as I did something. My arms were more tired than normal but probably the result of lifting plus swimming three days in a row. Despite the tired arms I felt pretty good and got in my longest swim of the year so far.

Another week, another round of hill repeats. My pace for the repeats came down a little which means I'm making progress. Not a lot but I'll take it.

2500 yd swim
7 miles, 9:44 avg


I was planning on running Thursday morning but my left shin/calf was bothering me off and on during Tuesday and Wednesday's runs so I took the morning off. I have a long season ahead of me and I don't want to miss out on quality base training because of an injury. I still got in a quality strength session and my leg felt better on Saturday so it was definitely the right move.

45 min strength


My swimming and running have been coming along nicely but I am really struggling to get my butt on the trainer for some bike time. I hate riding on the trainer and even doing intervals I am bored out of my mind. I think it's time to invest in some cold weather riding gear for this girl.

8.01 miles bike, 14.84 mph


Longest run post marathon and post injury. I was nervous about how my leg would feel during this run so I kept the pace easy and relaxed and kept checking in with myself to make sure I wasn't feeling any pain. This run flew by and before I knew it I was making the two mile trek back up to my house. I knew this was going to be a hard run because of the hill at the end but I also knew it would be worth it. It was in no way easy but it was still easier than I was expecting it to be.

7.7 mile run, 9:47 avg


I was planning on Sunday being a rest day but with 4-8 inches of snow in the forecast for Monday I decided to squeeze in another strength session. I'm starting to get a tad bored with my current routine so I'm planning on switching things up for a few weeks. It's the little things that make me happy.

35 min strength

I closed out the week with:
6400 yards
8.01 miles bike
19.04 miles run
8 hrs 33 min


  1. You are killing it!! Can't believe you were in the pool three days in a row...mighty impressed :)

  2. Seriously great training and smart for backing off when necessary- long term goals in mind! Thanks again for posting about hill repeats, really inspired me to get my butt out there because I know I need them! Congrats on that longer run too, and finishing with last few miles up that hilll...that will surely make you stronger!