Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mile Repeats & a Long Run

This weekend featured one pretty good run and one not so good run. At least they didn't both suck, right? Thanks to not having class on Friday's I was able to make the drive from Baltimore to York late Thursday afternoon and still have time to get to the track for an interval workout. I was nervous about doing two hard workouts so close to each other, but should have paid more attention to the two long-ish back to back runs over the weekend.

So Thursday's workout, great. Nailed it. On to Friday's track workout of mile repeats. Since I'd never done mile repeats before I was actually pretty excited to see what they were all about. So many people say they are the hardest kind of track workout but I think sprints are. I wasn't a sprinter when I swam and I'm not when it comes to running either. I like doing 400's and 200's but getting my legs to turn over that quickly is just flat out hard for me.

When I got to the track Saturday morning the only goal I had for this workout was to do it smartly. When I first started doing track workouts I would go out way too fast because track = sprint all out right? Wrong! I was hoping to keep them under 8:00 but had no idea what would actually be good splits. I did a slow warm up that left me hesitant about this all would go down and then got to work.


The first one felt really good and controlled. I actually loved that first one. It was nice to not go all out on the track but still be putting in some solid work.

7:44, 7:42

The next two were a bit harder but still felt pretty good. I was trying to pay attention to pacing these pretty evenly instead of going out too hard or slow and then ruining the repeat.


The funny thing about this one is that I thought I was running it so slowly while I was actually running it. I thought I was off pace and slowing down so I stopped checking my watch and just ran. I pushed significantly harder on laps 3 and 4 and clearly it payed off.


Last one! I wanted this to be my fastest of the day so I went out a little harder than I had been. I focused on even effort and finishing fast. I don't know what these should be at given my marathon goal but I'm pretty pleased with these. I probably could have gone a little faster in the beginning but I was sure toast by the end. Either way I got in 9 solid miles of work and did each repeat faster than the previous one.

Sunday's run was a completely different story. I started off slow and figured I would naturally speed up as the run goes on like normal. Nope, not this time. I was supposed to run for 90 minutes at an 8:45 pace but was barely holding a 9:45. I debated calling it quits on this run but I am not in a position to be skipping long runs with a marathon in 9 weeks.

This run was a mental struggle the entire time, and quite honestly my legs felt like they were running the last 10 miles of a 20 miler, not a regular 10 mile training run. I tried to ignore my slower pace and just finish the run. That's the most important thing. I ended up doing 10.4 miles in 1:41:17. One of the worst/slowest runs I've had all year. Bad runs happen to everyone so at least I got mine out of the way for awhile right?

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  1. I need to get myself out on a track one of these days. I also firmly believe that you can't have good runs without the bad. You'll get it next time.