Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Day in the Life

One of my favorite bloggers shared a blog link up called "A Day in the Life" and I thought it would be kind of cool to share a typical day for me. The only problem with this is that I have a different class schedule every day so no two days look the same for me. Thursday's are kind of my happy medium day so here is a typical Thursday for me.

8:00 my alarm goes off. Thursday's for me are my sleeping in day (minus weekends). I'll lay in bed and check my email and the news before getting up. I then shower, get ready for class, eat breakfast and pack up.

In order to get parking I have to get to campus by around 9:15. My first class is at 10:00 so I normally read for thirty minutes and then walk over to my class.

10:00-11:15 is my management class. It's a good class that I really enjoy but not that exciting. I take notes and pay attention and that's about it.

My next class isn't until 1:00 so between then I study if I have any tests or quizzes later or just get ahead on homework before the weekend. This is also when I eat lunch, and if I don't have much work to do I spend most of the time texting.

From 1:00-3:45 I have a French translation class and a research methods class. Again, more note taking and that's about it.

After class I come home and make a snack and read some blogs before driving to Columbia to meet up with the Lululemon run club. We run around 3 miles at a super easy pace, which is perfect.

After the run I'll come home and eat whatever leftovers I have from the week for dinner. Since I don't have class on Friday's I'm pretty useless on Thursday evenings. I usually watch some TV, get some cleaning done, anything but doing homework.

I normally stay up a little later on Thursday's since I don't have anywhere to be on Friday's. One of my favorite things is watching Friends reruns on Nick at 11:00. By 12:30 I'm normally in bed.

Not a very exciting day in the slightest but it's a relaxing day after three busy days of classes.


  1. I feel like this was my life in college for the most part, schedules definitely varied by day so you get into your weekly routine of what days you do more things than others.

    Jealous you have a lulu run club near you!

  2. I'm co-hosting with Angela and wanted to say thanks for joining!

    I love that I'm finding so many new blogs and meeting new bloggers with the link up!

  3. one of my least favorite things about the school year and coaching is that i can't watch friends when it is on TBS at like 4 and I can't watch at night either because I'm already asleep :(