Friday, September 20, 2013

Why I Run

Over the past few months I've been noticing a change when I am out training. Every time I go out, whether it's for a run or a ride, I can't help but admire how beautiful the Earth really is. Even on the runs that suck I find myself in awe of something.

It really hit me on an easy run I did last week that this is why I run. You frequently here that running is a metaphor for life and I couldn't agree more. When I'm out running and see the pink cotton candy sky turn into a fiery orange as the sun sets I can't but stare at the sky in wonderment. It is in these moments that the incredible beauty that is mother nature makes me realize just how great my life is.

There are times where I'm angry about where I live or this or that but its when I am outside running free that I am most grateful for everything my life is.

Running has also taught me to pay attention to how powerful mother nature is. I hate running on a treadmill and I could never figure out why until now. Whether it is windy, snowy, hot or stormy I would a thousand times over rather run outside than trapped inside on some treadmill. It is running through every type of weather that makes you appreciate when it is beautiful out even more.

When I am outside running I feel so small and insignificant. The world seems perfect in that moment. It's like everything bad in both my personal life and the world in general just disappears. I run for meditation and to calm my mind because honestly when it is 5:30 AM and the sun is rising on one side of you and on the other side the sky is still dark and illuminated by stars it is really hard to be upset about anything.

I run because it is my form of meditation. When I am out there my mind just turns off and my legs go. When I am out running nothing can touch me. It is my time to be disconnected from the rest of the world and destress.

I run to feel strong. There is no feeling that can compare to the one of self-worth and accomplishment I get after I run. I am confident and my mind is clear. I feel powerful and alive.

Movement is my therapy and always has been. My body needs to move for my mind to feel at peace.


  1. Beautiful sunset photos! I love running outdoors and getting some perspective from nature.

  2. Love the pictures, amazing really. Running is my meditation as well. When something makes me happy it makes me want to run to reflect. When something makes me mad I want to run to blow of steam and calm down. I totally get it.