Thursday, January 24, 2013

What to Wear Running: Winter

In the spirit of the cold and snowy weather we are still having I thought I would share how I dress to stay warm on those bitter days without overheating.

First I should mention that I get pretty warm when I run. Probably more so than most people from what I have observed. If you are typically a colder runner then this might not be so helpful, sorry.

My first piece of advice is to dress as if it were 20-25 degrees warmer. You may be cold when you first start running but once you're warmed up you should feel comfortable.

Assuming no rain or snow this is how I decide what to wear when heading out for a run:

  • 70+ degrees: When it is this warm out I will typically wear a tank and shorts. Sometimes short sleeves depending on the last time I've done laundry.
  • 50-60 degrees: Short sleeves and shorts.
  • 40-50 degrees: Thin long sleeves and shorts, or short sleeves and capris.
  • 30-40 degrees: Medium thickness long sleeves and capris.
  • 20-30 degrees: Medium thickness long sleeves and tights, or thick long sleeves and capris.
  • 10-20 degrees: Thick long sleeves and tights.
  • 0-10 degrees: Medium thickness long sleeves, lightweight jacket, fleece-lined tights

I will usually wear thin gloves when it is under 40 degrees, a thin fleece headband and thin gloves when it is under 30 and a thick headband and thin gloves when it is under 20 degrees. My hands tend to get pretty hot when I run so I normally only wear a pair of thin wool liners and I end up taking them off a lot of the time anyway. I find that it really helps to wear something with pockets in the winter so I can off my gloves or headband if I start to get too warm.

One thing that I tried once but haven't invested in myself yet is a vest. At first I thought it was a pretty silly idea but once I tried it I loved it. I am currently on the hunt to find the perfect vest and a pair of arm warmers that meet my high expectations of not being too thick.

This winter I have been especially loving the Oiselle Lesley Knicker and the Brooks Infiniti Jacket. They are the two pieces I wear the most and would recommend to anyone. I want to try the Oiselle Lesley Tight since I like the capris so much but I'm waiting until they go on sale (hopefully) since I already have a pair of tights.


  1. You are much tougher then I am, I need another layer once it gets below 30!

  2. We've got a similar temperature gauge (and running in Minnesota, I get plenty of chance to find the lower end of the thermometer!). Since my core tends to get warm long before my arms and hands, one item I really like is my Smartwool arm warmers. I wear them over a long sleeve merino base layer in the winter and they help me avoid a second (or third) layer much of the time.

    I considered a vest but figured it would actually make my hot-core-cold-limbs problem even worse!

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  4. You and my wife have similar approaches to dressing for the weather, and it makes me wonder whether women simply heat up from their own body heat much more than men. Or at least the two of you. I was with you until 40-50 degrees, when I typically throw on a long-sleeve top or my thin windproof jacket. Anything below 40 and I'm starting to layer, and below 30 I've got to have a beanie covering my noggin. To each his (or her) own!

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