Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Starting to Feel Like Marathon Training

Even though I haven't started official training for the NYC Marathon I am working on building my base right now. I find it difficult to focus on training for more than one race at a time so right now I am focusing on triathlon training for another two weeks before transitioning into marathon training. By doing this my "official" marathon training plan will only be 10 weeks, but fear not because I have surely been training for the past few weeks like everyone else. It is just mentally easier for me to call the first six weeks my base phase. It puts less pressure on my running and allows me to establish a solid base before things get real. And hopefully by that point my "official" training won't seem so daunting.

It is difficult, though, with so many other people already into full swing with their training. I have to keep telling myself this is my first marathon, I need to trust my plan. At this point I am getting really anxious and excited to start official training and not have to worry about swimming and biking. My next race is a triathlon with some serious hills during the bike leg, which means I have been spending the past four weeks climbing every hill I can find. This triathlon is not going to be an easy feat and consequently requires specific training. If it was a general easy triathlon I wouldn't be worrying about training for it so much. 

Right now all I want to do is tell people that I am training for a marathon. If I allow myself to thing with that mindset then I will stop wanting to train for my triathlon, which I very much need to continue training for. But since I refuse to say I'm in marathon training for the next two weeks I wanted to write a blog post about it. I want to feel included!

When I started training for my upcoming triathlon I made training more of a habit, which in turn has prevented training from seeming like a struggle or hassle. I look forward to training, and don't question it. I just do it. In the past I have had to really fight myself to get out for a run. Now I look forward to running and miss it on days when I am riding or swimming.

After a hard track workout last week I took my very first ice bath like it was no big deal. I jacked all of the ice from the icebox in our kitchen and put it into my bathtub. With drink in hand and a sweatshirt on I hopped in and soaked my tired muscles until they were numb. I probably didn't need the ice bath but I have been doing some high-intensity workouts lately and my muscles wanted the recovery.

I have also been wearing my compression sleeves before & after hard workouts, paying more attention to what I'm eating in terms of fueling and refueling, and making social arrangements around my training plan. The longest run I have done so far is 9 miles but I already feel so accomplished with my training. I can tell I'm making progress.

Honestly, I am loving everything about (almost) marathon training!

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  1. I'd say you are training for a marathon! The triathlon training is just good cross training! ;-) I think all running and base-building is part of marathon training. Good luck!