Thursday, August 16, 2012

Double Digits!

This morning I did my first double digit training run of 10 miles. I probably should have done at least that much while training for my first two half marathons but it's too late to change that now. I am taking my long runs really seriously since they are the most important thing about training for a marathon and I don't want to get too far behind.

I had trouble falling asleep last night so when I woke up to an abnormally cool morning I decided to sleep in for an extra hour. After my extra sleep I got all my stuff ready, ate breakfast, and headed over to the trail. I tried to download an audiobook last night to listen to during the run but messed up and bought an ebook instead. Whoops. I didn't really want to listen to music either.

A few minutes after starting the run I decided to do some miles at marathon and half marathon goal pace since my track run on Tuesday got stormed out. I'm not sure if either marathon or half marathon goal pace are correct for me but they work for now so I'm sticking with them.

2.5 miles warm up,
2 miles @ MGP (9:28)
1 mile recovery
2 miles @ HMGP (9:01)
2.5 miles warm down

Avg Pace

Since I left my garmin on autolap my individual miles at my goal paces weren't recorded. I did make sure to do the math while I was running to make sure I was on pace and one full mile for each goal pace was accurate. The other miles include easy running since they started half way through the mile.

What surprised me the most during this run was how much easier it was than I anticipated. I did a similar run while I was at the beach that really sucked the wind out of me. It left me questioning everything. Today's run left me confident and eager to keep training. My half marathon goal pace felt like a comfortable-hard that I could have maintained for awhile longer. And I was able to keep my pace consistent instead of all over the place.


  1. It's all about volume! Great long run... I don't listen to music on my long runs a lot of times.

  2. Awesome job. I still remember my first double digit run.