Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On Negativity & Finding Support

I hate negativity. Even more, I hate being surrounded by negative people who are constantly trying to bring others down. I think it is so important to encourage others, not discourage them.

Recently I have been working on planning my race calendar for 2012. I already have an idea of most of the races that I want to do but some are still up in the air.

The part I am really struggling with is what races I want to do over the summer. I am not a big fan of the heat so that is really a big factor in where and when I schedule races.

I have found one race that I really want to do. I am so excited for it that I have already been working on a training plan for this race. I love the challenge of this race and am so excited of the possibility of doing it.

So what may be the problem? I have to consider more than just myself when planning races. Even though I live in an apartment by myself during the school year, I still live with my parents over the summer.

And, as much as I hate to say it, my parents still pay for the majority of my things. Remember, I am only 18. My parents are so loving and supportive of me and I am so thankful for them.

But my parents have been really voicing their concerns about my race of choice. They are not sure if doing a race in another state is the best idea for me. They are also worried about committing to a race more than six months in advance.

I know I could do this race despite my parents opinions but I really don't want to. I am going to need to drive almost five hours for this race and therefore will need a hotel room. Plus there are all of the fees involved.

I hate telling my parents what races I want to do and just expecting them to pull out the credit card. I do ant to put it out there that although I do not have a job, I have arranged a deal with my parents where I work for them instead. I really am not as spoiled as I am sounding in this post.

The point of this post is not to criticize my parents for being hesitant to sign up for a pretty big race. I just wanted to voice some of my frustrations. Please don't suggest I get a job so I have money to pay for things myself. This is not about money. It is about having my parents supporting my decisions and being there with me on race day.

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  1. I can totally see where your parents are coming from. Are there any races that are closer? You would have to sign up for a half def a few months in advance. Also, I think its awesome that you are doing this while in college because by the time you get to my age group, you are going to be so freaking fast.