Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Transitioning into College Life

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I know, I know, I have been absent for awhile again but in my defense I have been spending a lot of time adjusting to being back in a college setting. I am really excited for all the new things I have lined up and that I get to experience, but sometimes it all feels overwhelming. I have been really struggling to stay with my half marathon training because I really don't know the area in which I am living and don't want to end up some place unsafe. This is kinda inexcusable to me though. I knew going into this that I was going to be in the peak of my training and that I was going to have to find a way to make sure that I was hitting all of my long runs each week.

Even though I haven't been running nearly as much as I should be I have been getting in a fair amount of time in the pool. UMBC has an outdoor heated pool that stays open through October and with the temperatures being in the 80's lately I have been really enjoying swimming outside. One of the things I missed most about not swimming competitively anymore was swimming outside. I think it is the perfect way to enjoy the summer, and quite frankly my summers have been feeling incomplete without swimming outside. The problem is that there are no outdoor pools near my house. Now that I have the opportunity to swim outside again I have going all out. I have been pushing myself more than usual and even did some swimming with the UMBC swim team yesterday. This may not make sense to all you non-swimmers, but I feel alive again in the pool. Swimming was something that was more important to me than school or pretty much anything else and then it get ripped away from me in a horrible way. Until just recently I have had a bad relationship with swimming because of the way things ended. Being able to swim outside again though has reaffirmed my love for swimming and I couldn't be happier about it.

With all of the new things going on in my life I am really starting to realize what is important to me and what I want to achieve while in college. I have been discovering new passions and rediscovering old ones. I really can't wait to bring you guys along on this journey and I promise to blog more consistently. I hope to have a few more posts this week about some of the awesome things that I am doing so stay tuned!

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