Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Blame the Power Outage

So sorry for being absent for so long, I had a major power outage last week due to hurricane Irene. I lost power Saturday night and just got it back Friday morning. This week was also move-in week and the first week of classes for me. Generally it was a very stressful week. Since I have been gone for so long I wanted to address a few things.

First, the triathlon that I said I was doing last weekend was cancelled due to Irene. I was so excited for this triathlon because I put so much time into training for it but racing in hurricane conditions is not ideal. At first I was super bummed about not being able to race but I just recently learned that the lake was shut down due to bacteria that was putting people in the hospital. Seriously not cool. So now I am so glad the race was cancelled and that I am bacteria free.

Second, my half marathon training has been nonexistent the past two weeks. Last week I wasn't running very much because of the triathlon and I was okay with that. I was calling it my taper. But then the triathlon never happened. And this week was my first week of classes at my new college and running really took the backseat. I wanted to stay consistent with my training but was having a really hard time with all of the activities that were planned.

Third, I am running a 5K tomorrow! I originally wasn't planning on coming home this weekend but my boyfriend brought me home to see my puppy. So now I am going to do a local 5K that is very small with a flat & fast course. I am so excited to see where I am in my training, especially since I haven't really run for two weeks.

Fourth, this coming week will be my first week on a running team. My new school has a club running team that is part of the athletic department. They have all sorts of types of running for all different levels. I am so excited to share something that I love so much with others.

I hope to not be missing from the blog world for so long again. I will be reporting on all sorts of my new experiences in college!

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