Friday, April 12, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

Tomorrow is my longest run before race day and I can't figure out why I'm not freaking out about how soon the big day is. A couple weeks ago I was having a meltdown that I didn't have enough time to get race ready and now I have this really chill mentality towards the next two weeks.

After my race on Sunday my legs were pretty trashed. On Monday I had a 30 minute recovery run on the schedule which turned out to be just what I needed. Maybe it had something to do with the summer-like temps we've been having this week but this run was the kind that reminds you why you love running and makes you fall even harder. I ran without my watch and enjoyed just getting outside. I can't even put into words how happy this run made me.

Tuesday's run was not quite as euphoric as Monday's though. I blame it on the 90 degree weather. It wasn't a bad run but I was expecting to feel better than I did. I ran to a nearby trail so I could just let go of the fact that I was still moving pretty slowly. I love trail running and am looking forward to spending more time exploring some of the local trails now that the ground has thawed/dried out. The only problem on Tuesday was that I got lost. I couldn't find my way back to campus and had to reverse my path, adding an extra 15 minutes to my run. Not a big deal but not ideal when you just want to be done.

Wednesday the plan was 8 x 800 on the track. After my issues with using the track on campus during the evening I set my alarm for 6:15 so I could run before practices started. Except when I got to the track there was lacrosse practice. I officially give up. Knowing I didn't have time later in the day I opted to do the repeats on the loop around campus.

This was SUCH a hard run. My legs were clearly not recovered from Sunday's race as they wanted nothing to do with this run. Even my warm up felt hard. I fought with myself to finish each repeat. Not to mention half of the repeats were slightly uphill making them even harder. Despite how hard this run was and how many times I told myself I would stop after just one more repeat I kept going. Something about pushing myself to my limits before 8:00 am was enticing me. Somehow I remained calm regardless of how terrible I was doing. I accepted it wasn't my day and did my best anyway. Who am I?

6 x 800 (odds slightly uphill)- 4:00, 3:36, 3:52, 3:38, 3:53, 3:42

2 x 400- 1:47, 1:44

7 miles avg pace 8:32

I normally get anxious in the days leading up to long runs but right now I am actually excited. I feel like a mental switch has been flipped this past week. Instead of feeling all this pressure to hit certain paces I know that the most important thing is to get the miles in at a decent effort. I will try to hold my goal pace but if it doesn't happen that is no reason to give up on the run in general.

Because who doesn't love kittens?

I can't pinpoint my change in attitude this week but I'm going to credit the warmer weather and abundant sunshine. I am already getting pre-race jitters and we are still a little more than two weeks out. Pre-race jitters are a favorite of mine so to be getting them this early is a welcomed surprise. I'm hoping I can ride this high all the way til April 28!

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  1. Nice work on those intervals! You are going to do great! I know how it feels to have pre-race nerves 2 weeks out! Just try to enjoy the taper and not read into anything too much - once you hit the 10 days or less mark til the race there isn't anything you can do to improve anyway :)