Sunday, January 6, 2013

So Long, Off-Season

Tomorrow marks the first day of spring half marathon training for me, which means today is the closing day of my longer than planned off-season. After all of the drama surrounding my fall marathon I was looking forward to taking some time off and enjoy my Thanksgiving break. But then finals rolled around and knocked me on my ass. I can normally handle the stress of finals but with other nuisances added to the mix I came crashing down. I knew I needed to focus on studying and finish writing papers and just couldn't convince myself to get out for a run. I ran here and there when I felt I had enough time to not completely bomb all of my exams but there were more days that I didn't run than days that I did run.

Once finals were over all I wanted to do was nothing. Literally nothing. I wanted to enjoy not having to study for anything or have to wake up early to go to class. Unfortunately running was included in the things I was writing off. After a few days of just relaxing I finally laced up my shoes to go for a run. It was nothing spectacular, in fact it was actually quite terrible. I quickly found out that it is a fair amount colder at home in Pennsylvania than at school in Maryland. My lungs were burning. Since we had such a warm winter last year I had no idea what to wear for running in the 20's. I made the mistake of wearing too many layers and ended up overheating and consequently becoming both dizzy and nauseous.

Perfect running weather but oh so cold!

I have since adapted to running in the cooler temps and have also figured out (for the most part) how to dress appropriately so that I stay warm enough without feeling like a roasted marshmallow. Knowing that training was right around the corner I've been filling my weeks with runs and cross training that I wouldn't normally do. I normally run 3-4 times a week but a couple weeks ago I ran almost every day but only did 2-3 miles. I normally wouldn't be pleased with running such a short distance but at that time I did whatever I wanted so long as I was getting my butt out the door.

After almost two months of doing whatever I pleased with running I am ready to start training again. I am ready to run with a purpose and to chase down my goals. I spent the weekend exploring new trails near my house and spent the every moment being grateful. Running does not always come easy for me. In fact, a lot of the time it is quite hard. But it challenges every aspect of myself and brings out my adventurous side. I made a lot of progress with running in 2012 but I know that I am capable of achieving so much more.

I am enjoying a relaxing evening watching movies and reading with the pup close by. I've enjoyed my time of rest and relaxation after finals and through the holidays but I'm ready to get back to work. I'm ready to see where my legs will take me this year. I am nervous but I am also so excited to chase down this goal.

Sub 2:00 half marathon here I come!


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  2. Good luck as you begin your next training cycle! Mine starts next month (also trying to hit a sub-2:00 half this year!), but first I'm trying to get my base fitness up to where it was this past Fall. Crossing my fingers that it all goes well for you. :)