Monday, January 7, 2013

Seek Adventure

This past weekend marked my last weekend of the off-season. I celebrated by running, of course. My boyfriend came up late Friday night and we set out to hit some local trails Saturday afternoon. We went to a new park to explore different trails. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the perfect way to spend the weekend. While I run my boyfriend takes his mountain bike out for a ride that way we both can get in our respective training without losing time together. Even though we are not actually together out on the trails it is comforting to know that he is never far away should I need him. Case in point, I got lost on Saturday and had to call my boyfriend to come find me. I ended up finding my way back to the car but the fact that he was one quick call away was all I needed to stay calm despite being lost.

My boyfriend liked the new trails so much that we decided to go back on Sunday. I wasn't planning on running Sunday but knew how much he wanted to ride so I went along anyway. I decided to make it an active recovery day and just hike instead of run. I took all new trails and was smiling ear to ear the entire time. Something about being out on the trails makes me really think about life, where I'm at and where I want to go. Sure things have happened that weren't according to "plan" but out on those trails I couldn't have been happier.

I am a creature of habit and choose to stay in my comfort zone whenever possible. Trail running forces me to  get out of my comfort zone and brings out my adventurous side. Taking a cue from my favorite running company Oiselle my mantra for the year is "take chances." I want to take advantage of all the opportunities thrown my way and even if I fail I know that taking the risk will always be worth it. Going along with taking chances I want to seek adventure. Spending more and more time on the trails over the past few months has taught me that even in hard times you can still have fun and make the most of what you are given. Don't think of it as a situation gone wrong, think of it as an adventure.

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