Saturday, October 20, 2012

New PDR: 20 Miles!

Yesterday I ran 20 miles. That still hasn't sunk in yet. It wasn't the confidence boosting run I was hoping for but either way the miles are in the book. And based on how my runs went the week after RNR Philly I wasn't expecting anything fantastic after Baltimore. At least I was mentally prepared, I guess.

My dad had agreed to meet me again to bike along as I ran but due to a little thing called work he couldn't meet me until 12:30. Since the temps have been cooler I didn't mind starting the run later. I figured it would be good practice since I don't start the NYCM until 10:55. The late start time for yesterday's run also meant I got to sleep in and miss the storms and rain that hit in the morning.

I knew I wanted to run 8-12 miles before meeting up with my dad so I got to the trail around 11. As soon as I started running I could tell it was going to be a tough run. I couldn't get my legs to settle into a pace and just felt all over the place. I kept trying to reign it in so I didn't go out too fast and crash & die later on.

The first four miles flew by and before I knew it I had finished 8 miles and was back at my car. I stopped to stretch for a minute and waited for my dad but then decided to run around some until he came so my legs didn't cramp up while sitting. I felt really good until mile 10.

Miles 10-12.5 weren't really too bad but them there on out the run got worse with each mile. I realized I hadn't taken in as many calories as I should have. I stopped to stretch around mile 15 and ended up sitting down for a few minutes. I wanted nothing more than to be finished running. But since the only way back to the car was running those last 5 miles I had no choice. So I ran.

Those last 5 miles were absolutely brutal. Every part of my body hurt but somehow I finished without too much walking. This run did the exact opposite of give me confidence heading into my taper. After how painful those 5 miles were I couldn't comprehend how I would another 6. But that is why we taper for marathons. Now it's time to embrace the taper and rest up so my legs are feeling fresh on November 4.

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  1. You know, my legs felt almost the same way for my 20 miler, but they felt great when I did 18. I think it's just all the weeks of training building up, and after having time to taper, we will both feel awesome in NYC! You're doing awesome lady!! Don't doubt yourself!