Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Day On the Dirt

Today I went for my first run since the Baltimore Half Marathon. I had intended to run earlier in the week but school work got the better of me. The hardest part of running, for me, is simply getting started. I had such a mental battle over going for this run and almost bailed but luckily didn't. I was really tired and my legs were still a bit cranky from all of the hills in Baltimore.

When I first started running I felt pretty crappy and wanted to turn around. I tried to convince myself to only run a few miles just to shake my legs out. But then as I continued running I started feeling better and better. Once I entered Patapsco I was greeted with a steep downhill that I ended up walking most of out of fear of falling and how tight my quads were. I knew this was going to be a slow run so I let myself walk a few step here and there when needed.

With every time I go running in Patapsco I fall even more in love with trail running. I love the feeling of adventure and freedom I get when running on trails. I love how peaceful it is exploring nature while everyone else is dealing with the daily grind. I really don't know how to put it into words but you can be sure I am going to keep trail running for awhile.

When I go trail running I normally leave from school and run the mile over to Patapsco, run some trails, and then run back to school. That mile back to school is always my favorite because I feel like I have escaped from school to my own secret haven and nobody will even know it.

This marathon training cycle has certainly not been ideal but I am really starting to feel comfortable with running and calling myself a runner. Even when I have bad runs I am glad to be out running and enjoying nature.

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