Sunday, September 23, 2012

NYCM Training Week 4

After the Rock N' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon on Sunday I was in need of a rest day. I debated swimming or biking for a little but all I wanted to do was sleep so I opted for a total rest day instead.

I set out early Tuesday morning for an easy recovery run from Sunday's race but my leg pain came back and was still there a mile into the run. I turned around and ran/walked back to my apartment. Once I got back I did 15 minute of ab work followed by 15 minutes of stretching and foam rolling. Not happy with the failed run in the morning, I hopped on my trainer for a 45 minute easy ride while watching Friends. By the end of the day my leg was feeling much better, giving me hope for the rest of the week.

I took advantage of my big break again on Wednesday and got in a quick swim. I only got in 1,000 yards before the pool was evacuated for vacuuming. I had no leg discomfort or pain during the swim, which is improvement from the last time I went swimming.

I wanted to get in a track workout this week but also wanted to sleep in on Thursday. I thought it would be a good idea to go to the track after class, at 2:30. The only problem was that it was very sunny and there was a lacrosse game about to start. I did my mile warm up and then tried a mile for time. I finished in a slow for me 7:53 and felt crappy the entire time. As I was starting my second mile I was told to leave the track because of the game, so I ended up running back to my car for 4 miles total for the day.

I went out for an easy run on the trail near my house but felt pretty bad the entire time. I was really struggling to breathe and just couldn't get into any kind of groove. This run was a real sign about the long run I had scheduled Saturday. I was able to get in 6 really slow miles though.

I had planned on doing 16 miles on Saturday but only made it to 14 miles. This was literally one of the worst runs of my life. I just couldn't get going. I felt tired the whole time and ended up taking walking breaks. I considered stopping at 8 miles but pushed on. Hopefully next week's run will go better than this one.

I closed out the week with a 2 mile recovery run on the treadmill followed up with 30 minutes of strength and core work.

Weekly totals
  • Running: 28 miles
  • Swimming: 1,000 yards
  • Biking: 45 min
  • Strength & core: 45 min
  • Total hours: 7 hrs 22 min

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