Sunday, September 16, 2012

NYCM Training Week 3

I started the week off once again with a track workout. It was not my best track session but it was still a good run. I forgot water and was running directly in the sunlight so I'm sure that affected my slightly slower than normal splits. Regardless, I love starting each week with a killer workout. It makes me motivated to make the rest of the week just as strong. I had planned on doing 6 miles but cut my warm down short to make it 5 miles due to how hot and thirsty I was. In the evening after class I went to yoga. I am used to yoga being mostly stretching based but this class was definitely more strength based. It was still a really good class that I plan on attending weekly.

I woke up Tuesday to sore arms and legs from yoga. I knew I needed an easy day to recover from two hard workouts yesterday so I hopped on my bike trainer for 35 minutes of easy riding. I followed up with a few minutes of ab work before getting back to work on homework and studying.

One of my favorite things about my schedule this semester is that I have a huge break on Wednesday to swim and still have to time to eat lunch and study before my next class. I took advantage of the beautiful weather on Wednesday and got in a quick 1800 yards before heading off to a meeting.

Thursday was another gorgeous day so I persuaded my dad to go kayaking with me after work. We didn't go very fast but it was so peaceful out on the water. We even did some kayaking in the dark!

I spent literally the entire day Friday doing homework. I was planning on doing 6 miles and resting on Saturday but I was mentally too tired to do 6. Instead I did an easy 3 miles throughout my neighborhood.

I had to wake up pretty early Saturday in order to get my run in before catching the train to Philly for the weekend. I felt a little weird during the run but overall felt pretty good. I ended up doing the other 3 miles from Friday's planned six.

Rock N' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon! Race report to come! I did an easy mile before the run to loosen things up and make my long run a tad longer. Longest run ever- 14 miles!

Weekly Totals
  • Running: 25.3 miles
  • Yoga: 55 min
  • Biking: 35 min
  • Swimming: 1800 yards
  • Kayaking: 50 min
  • Total hours: 7 hours 5 min

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