Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keystone State Sprint Triathlon Goals

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With my first triathlon 3 days from today I thought I would go over what some of my goals are for this race. I don't want to have a lot of expectations going into it since I have never done a triathlon but I still want to have some goals to keep myself motivated. I wanted to break down the goals by each leg of the race in order to make things seem simpler for myself.

Swim Goal 1: Under 20 minutes
I am basing this time off of what other people have done in the past, especially people who I used to swim with. I currently hold a 1:15 pace per hundred in the pool but I know I won't be able to hold that for 800 yards in a lake.

Swim Goal 2: Don't panic
I have only ever done one open water swim and that was at the beach. I have never swum in a lake before, and I have especially never done any type of open water swimming with other people. I know a lot of people have panic attacks when they get in the water but my goal is to rock the swim and not freak out.

Bike Goal 1: Power through the hills
I haven't been training to ride hills so I am hoping the course isn't too hilly. I do know there are some hills though so I want to power up them and not let them ruin my race. I am just going to put my bike in a low gear and take the hills at whatever pace I need to and not worry about how slow I am going.

Bike Goal 2: Sub 1:30
I have only done one 18 mile bike ride before and it was with my dad at a pretty comfortable 12 mph pace. Despite the hills I think I can beat this time.

Bike Goal 3: Negative splits
The bike course is 2 9 mile loops to make 18 miles. I want to do the first loop somewhat conservatively and then really push it on the second loop. I will also be able to determine how bad the hills really are during the first loop and develop and game plan for the second loop.

Run Goal 1: More negative splits
I also want to start the run out conservatively since I have no idea how my legs will hold up after biking 18 miles. I want to run each mile faster than the previous one and finish the race strong.

Run Goal 2: No walking
I normally would have no trouble running the entire three miles but I am not sure how my legs will be feeling. Most of my training has been running lately so I am hoping I can really use this to my advantage.

Run Goal 3: Sub 28 minutes
This would put my run at a 9:00 min/mile pace, which I think is pretty doable. I know my legs will be tired after biking for 18 miles but I am hoping that will be like a warm up for them. A 9:00 min/mile pace is nothing compared to what I have been training at!

Triathlon Goal 1: Finish under 2:15
I really have no idea how this race is going to go so I didn't want to set any unrealistic goals for myself. I am not sure if I will be way under this time, way over it, or pretty darn close to it. I do hope to be under it, although if I am not I will not be too bothered by it.

Triathlon Goal 2: Place in my age group
Last year only 2 girls in my age group did the race so I am hoping not many do it again this year. If a lot of 15-19 girls are doing this race then this goal will be completely thrown out the window. It pretty much is only here now to make me feel better about myself!

Triathlon Goal 3: Finish with a smile on my face
Whatever happens with this race happens. I want to finish proud of myself knowing that I gave it everything that I had. I want to have a great time out there and make sure everyone knows it!

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