Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Team SOAS!

On the heels of qualifying for nationals and laying out my goals for the next couple years I am here to announce that I will be a part of the 2014 SOAS Racing amateur team!

I first heard about SOAS through twitter towards the end of 2012. I asked for a kit for my birthday not knowing much about the company, only that I liked how cute the kits were. I ended up racing all five of my triathlons last year in my kit. The tri shorts are extremely comfortable thanks to the low-rise waist band and it is evident that the kits were designed with women in mind.

When I saw that SOAS was looking for applicants for their 2014 team, I jumped at the chance. Much to my surprise, I made the cut!

The day before I got my email I was thinking about how lonely endurance sports can get. Growing up as a swimmer I was constantly surrounded by my teammates. While there was a brief period when I preferred to be alone, lately I have found myself longing for teammates. While my new teammates will be all around the country, it is the camaraderie and support that I am looking forward to.

I am thrilled to represent a brand that I support inside and out and whose products I truly love.

You can find more info about SOAS on their blog, twitter, facebook, and website.

If the first half of January is an indication of how the rest of 2014 is going to play out I am in for one incredible ride.


  1. So excited for you, Shannon! Big congrats! It's gonna be a good year for you :)

  2. Congrats! I love my SOAS shorts, and that team gear looks great.

  3. Congrats!! Can't think of anyone better to be an ambassador for a tri company!!!!

  4. Congrats! Super cute kits! I bought mine before my first triathlon 2.5 years ago and haven't ever bought another but when I'm in the market again I will see how Soas fits!