Friday, January 24, 2014

I Lift Things Up and Put Them Down

Although I ended up taking six weeks off from running while at home on break, I did regularly go to the gym to lift some weights. I started lifting ~2 weeks after the NYC Marathon as part of my rehab for my knee and never looked back. I've dabbled off and on with lifting but never really had a plan. It was more like I would get to the gym and do whatever sounded good that day. I suppose it was better than nothing but it wasn't really the best idea.

When I got injured I realized I needed to take care of my weaknesses and imbalances so I did a little research about what exercises would be best. For awhile I followed the plan I had developed for myself to a tee but more recently have been experimenting a little. I'm still a little confused about the periodization of strength training but I know that what little I do know is better than knowing nothing at all. For the most part the exercises that I do are recommended for runners or triathletes or specifically for me from my physical therapist.

Depending on how long I've been doing each exercises I do 1 or two sets of 15 reps. I included the weight I use for each exercise in case anyone is curious or doesn't know where to start. I use dumbbells for everything so the weight listed is for each  dumbbell, i.e. total weight would be doubled.

Upper body
  • lateral dumbbell raises           7lbs
  • bicep curl + shoulder press   15lbs
  • bench press                           2 x 15lbs
  • plank rows                            20lbs
  • lat pull down                          2 x 90lbs
  • tricep extension                     60lbs
  • push-ups                               3 x 15 reps
Lower body
  • Bosu ball squats                     2 x 15 reps
  • swiss ball hamstring curls        2 x 15 reps
  • single leg dead lifts                 20lbs
  • single leg squats                     no weight
  • planks
  • Russian twists                       20 reps
  • Mason twists                          80 reps with 8lbs medicine ball
  • in & outs                                 40 reps
  • single leg v-ups                      40 reps
  • Bosu ball single leg balancing  5 x as long as I can balance on each leg
  • hip flexor burners                      35 reps each leg
  • clams                                        2 x 20 reps each side
Hopefully in another month or two I'll be able to report back about how much progress I've made and how adding regular strength training has helped my swim, bike, running. I've been adding and subtracting some exercises based on how I like them and to add in some more variety. 

What are your favorite strength exercises to do? I'm starting to get bored with this routine so please share!


  1. Strength training is SO important and it's great that you're getting into the habit now. I'm not a big fan of actually doing it, but I do it 2-3 times every single week. You can find lots of great body weight workouts just by looking around at blogs. Check out Cotter Crunch if you haven't already--yesterday (or Wed?) she had a great list of different workouts.

  2. I'm currently loving TRX! Great for stability and balance as well as an awesome core workout!

  3. Good for you for getting the weights in! I am trying to be better about it. I know they are so basic but I really love lunges, like all kinds. Side, back, forward and I really like walking lunges. Cool thing about lunges is you can combine them with an upper body exercise and get even more done at once. I like to do Side lunge with bicep curl and walking lunge with overhead press.