Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Goals Recap

2013 is quickly coming to a close, which I'm both happy and sad about. 2013 was an awesome year for me on the running & triathlon side of things but I also went through a bad breakup and lost my dad. One good thing is that my dad was there for every single one of my high points throughout the year. It scares me moving forward but I wouldn't have achieved all that I did without his support and encouragement.

1. Sub 2:00 half marathon: Check!
2. Spend the day hiking in Patapsco State Park: Nope
3. Do at least one early morning workout a week: Close enough
4. Get INDS proposal passed: Check!
5. PR in the 5K: Check!
6. Train with higher mileage & hit a 50 mile week: Check & nope.
7. Run 1000 miles: Nope. Stupid knee injury
8. Sub 3:00 Olympic triathlon: Check!
9. 4.000 GPA: Grades haven't been posted yet but it's looking good!
10. Read 10 books: Working on book number 10 now.
11. PR in the marathon: Check!
12. Do a trail race: Nope
13. Complete the river ride alive: Check!

Some of my goals I achieved and some I missed the mark on. I would say I had a pretty darn good year overall. I find it hard to set goals for an entire year so some of them turned out not to be completely relevant. Stay tuned for goals and dreams for 2014!


  1. You had such a great year, even with injury and all you went through. You are going to have plenty of support throughout the rest of your highs (and lows) in life. Your dad might not be physically there but I am sure he will always be watching over you.

  2. a trail race was on my list too, but I didn't quite get that done. However we both got a whole lot done, way to go on all the PR's!!

    1. Thanks, you too! I still want to do a trail race soon but I'm not making it a priority. I have bigger goals to chase!

  3. Seems like you did pretty well on your goals to me! :) It's been a crazy year...