Sunday, October 27, 2013

One Week Away: NYCM

The New York City Marathon is in exactly one week and my last run was almost two weeks ago. My last true long run was a month ago. All of this means I'm at a really awkward spot going into this marathon. I have spent the last week and a half trying my best to maintain my fitness by swimming and biking with the hope that my knee will be ready to run 26.2 miles on November 3.

After not having the best buildup for this race a part of me just wants to run it for fun and not worry one little bit about pace or going hard. Just finish in one piece. After the year I've had though the other part of me wants to race. This year I've discovered how much actually racing and not just participating matters to me. I know I'm capable of a good marathon its just dependent on how my knee holds up and if my cross training will translate well.

I know going out and trying to run a sub 4 hour marathon is just dumb but when I think about just running the marathon for fun I lose some of my excitement. With the Marine Corps Marathon this morning my heart and head are at even more of a cross roads. It's really hard to see so many people running great races and setting PRs and then think about me not getting my chance.

I'm also starting to get really nervous about pacing and nutrition because I didn't get a whole lot of practice with either this training cycle. I'm trying not to think about those things and just get excited for race day. I truly believe that the New York City Marathon is a magical race and whatever happens it will still be an amazing day that I've been looking forward to for years.

Tomorrow I'm going to test my knee out with a little jog to see where I stand. While I'm really excited to get to run I'm also terrified that the pain will still be there. I would much rather know how things are going before race day so I'm more mentally prepared but I'm so nervous. I'm trying my best not to go crazy from the lack of running and all the nerves about race day so a pain free run would really be nice. Fingers crossed!


  1. Wishing you the best for tomorrow! I think you are tackling this with the best attitude possible given the circumstances!

  2. 1 week, ahh!!! So exciting! I hope we can meet up! I will be in town Friday- Sunday. I am really excited for you, I know it won't be the race you planned on but you are still getting a chance at the NYCM! Just because this race might not be your time, doesn't mean the next one wont! You could do Wineglass next year :):):):):):)