Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting Down to Business

Yesterday marked the first day of my last build block before the Nike Women's Half Marathon. While I've had my ups and downs with balancing training with school I'm ready to dive in head first and make these final weeks count. Now that the semester is around half way over (how did that happen?!) I feel like I've finally figured out a schedule that works for me.

Lucky for me, this week is my spring break. That means I have a whole heck of a lot more time to get in my workouts and not worry about making sure I have enough time to study. I don't have any plans for break other than going to a mountain bike race this weekend so I will be spending my week getting ahead on school work, catching up on sleep, and finally getting a chance to read a book. Yay for rest and relaxation, right?!

I came home yesterday late afternoon and was greeted my a nice dusting plus some falling snow. I love running when it's snowing so I quickly changed and headed out the door for a super short jaunt through the snow with my favorite running buddy. There is just something so peaceful and beautiful about running in the snow. Our run was nothing special. We stopped to munch on some snow a few times and one of us even rolled around in it for a few minutes.

Later yesterday evening I had a date with my trainer for some intervals. I would much prefer doing 10 minute interval over 5 minutes. Is that normal? Anyway, I had a really good workout despite my stomach hurting like a bitch. Hopefully it will calm down some and not cause any more problems this week.

Maybe it is the thought of spring being right around of the corner, being half way done my semester or the rest week last week but I am feeling more ready than ever to give this last training block everything I've got and really push myself. I have seen so much progress and I'm excited to start putting that to the test. Race day is six weeks away. Time to get down to business!

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