Thursday, March 14, 2013

Embracing Rest

This week is somewhat of a rest week for me. I still have daily workouts, the intensity and duration are just cut back some. I feel like I have been increasing  my workload every week since I started training so this bit of rest was a welcome change. Well I thought it would be a nice change. Instead I have been anxious about not putting in enough work. I spent the first few days of the week trying to sneak in extra workouts. I figured as long as they were short and easy there wouldn't be any harm. Luckily midterm week prevented me from doing much of anything else other than study.

Legs up, compression sleeves on. Feels so good.

Last night something clicked for me. I have 6.5 weeks until race day, which means I probably will not have anymore rest weeks until its time to taper. Those last six weeks of training need to be my hardest. I know things will be ramping up so it would be wise of me to take my rest while I can.

In my attempt to fully embrace rest I skipped my evening class yesterday in favor of a nap. I have been doing much better with doing morning workouts but I haven't been very good about getting to sleep earlier. I try to go to bed earlier but I just lay awake, unable to sleep. The time change over the weekend didn't help. So when I could barely keep my eyes open before class yesterday I opted to go back home and get some much needed shut-eye.

Where you can find me at 7:45 in the morning

I was planning on spending all last night getting ahead on homework and apartment things before heading home for spring break next week. Instead, after my nap, I relaxed all night. I caught up on some TV shows and started reading a new book while sipping a hot mug of tea. I ate foods I wouldn't normally eat and enjoyed being done with midterms.

For the next few days I am going to continue to embrace rest. Today is my longest day of classes. I don't have class on Friday's so I like taking that opportunity to do my long runs before the weekend. My boyfriend is doing his first bike race early Saturday morning, which I am beyond excited about. I want the day to be about him and not have to worry about when I can squeeze in a workout.

Bring on the rest!

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  1. In training I think it's easy to forget to listen to our bodies. We forget that training is hard and we do need rest. Great job embracing it this week! ~SPA