Sunday, September 7, 2014

One Week tip Race Day!

Today marks one week until the race I've been training for since May. If you had asked me yesterday how I was feeling heading into race week I would have said something like "feeling really good about the swim, excited for the bike, and nervous for the run." Right now is a different story. I woke up this morning with the beginning of a head cold, full of congestion, fatigue and a pounding headache. I have my fingers crossed that with some rest and a lot of vitamin C I can get to the start line on Sunday healthy and ready to race.

Aside from this little snafu things have been going swimmingly. I had a few great weeks of training and was feeling confident about putting together a solid race on September 14. Since I've been a bad blogger and neglected to post my weekly training recaps I'll catch you up to speed now.

August 11-17
Monday- 19.86 miles of easy biking
Tuesday- yoga
Wednesday- 1500 yd swim
Thursday- rest
Friday- strength
Saturday- rest
Sunday- rest

August 18-24
Monday- run, bike, run brick of 4.15 mile run, 37.31 miles biking, 3.85 mile run
Tuesday- 2500 yd swim, strength
Wednesday- rest
Thursday- yoga, 6.25 mile run
Friday- 18 miles biking, strength
Saturday- 2500 yd swim
Sunday- Keystone State Sprint Triathlon

August 25-31
Monday- 20.7 mile recovery bike ride
Tuesday- 3.26 mile recovery run, yoga
Wednesday- strength
Thursday- 25.3 miles biking
Friday- 3200 yd swim
Saturday- 7 mile run + 4.1 mile run
Sunday- 57.2 mile bike, 2.1 mile t-run, 2800 yd swim

September 1-7
Monday- 30 miles biking
Tuesday- 4000 yd swim
Wednesday- 11 mile run
Thursday- 3400 yd swim
Friday- rest
Saturday- 3000 yd swim, 4.07 mile run
Sunday- 39.8 miles biking

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