Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rev3 Poconos 70.3 Training Week 5

And just like that it's already July and five weeks of training have flown by. I hate how fast the summer goes by each year but I love being able to get in some quality training without having to worry about school. Something about summer just makes my heart happy.

Week 5 was a mix of a recovery week from hosting my first 5K, resting up for my first triathlon of the season, and trying to still get in some solid training.

Monday- Glorious rest. Had I not been racing this week I would have tried to get some kind of workout in but my mind and body were exhausted from the stress of the weekend and I knew that the extra rest could only be a good thing.

Tuesday- I wasn't sure how my legs would feel after working and racing on Sunday and then doing a track workout on Tuesday but they held up pretty well. I did 12 x 200 at my sprint triathlon race pace as a way to get my legs moving without taxing them too much. 7 miles later I was much more confident about my upcoming race.

Wednesday- What was supposed to be a 21 mile bike ride with 1500ft of climbing turned into a 28 mile ride with 2500ft of climbing thanks to my poor navigational skills. I started the ride tired and ended it completely exhausted. It was a lot of climbing (for me) on already beat up legs and not the kind of ride I wanted to have mere days before a race.

Thursday- Continuing the theme of the week, Thursday was not so stellar either. I don't remember anything about my swim except I felt like I was flailing the whole time. 2600 yards later I was ready to be done. Once again, I wasn't sure how my legs would feel after two harder days but I set out for a super easy recovery run in the evening. I felt anything but fresh but it was actually nice to get out there and not have any pace expectations.

Friday- Knowing I was still pretty tired I opted for an hour of gentle yoga, and boy was it needed.

Saturday- In the past I have taken the day before races off but I wanted to try getting in some easy yardage on Saturday. Since swimming takes so little out of me I figured it would be fine. I finally felt good in the water, but more importantly I felt recovered and ready to race. Plus only swimming 1600 yards is something I could get used to. It FLEW by.

Sunday- Race day! You can read the full report here but the short version is that I PR'd the course and each distance, set a stand alone 5K PR by 50 seconds, won my age group and finished second overall (it was a women's only race).

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  1. You are kicking ass with your training, and I'm still waiting for you to come teach me how to be a fish like you! Soooo proud of you for all your hard work and recent results!