Sunday, February 16, 2014

Base Training Week 2


I had a crazy day on Monday, starting with an 8:00 AM dentist appointment and ending with class at 8:00 PM. I managed to squeeze in a strength workout between classes but bailed on my swim. I was planning on going after class but just didn't have the energy after being on the go all day. I implemented some of the exercises from Anatomy for Runners and am excited to see some improvements in my running form.

45 min strength


Nothing beats starting the day with morning yoga. I almost skipped class because of the early wake up time but knew I would feel better after going. After class I went over to the pool to get in some technique work. I have to say, doing an entire workout of just technique is so relaxing. No intervals, no pressure.

I was practically falling asleep during my media & communication studies class from the early wake up so I wasn't sure whether I wanted to run or not. I decided to go out for thirty minutes since the weather channel was calling for up to 16 inches of snow Wednesday and Thursday. I ended up feeling really good so I kept going. Although it wasn't what it used to be, my pace finally started to drop during this run. Feels good to be making progress.

60 min yoga
1400 yd swim
4.5 mile run, 9:35 avg


Not all runs can be good and this was certainly wasn't. I felt great after getting a solid nine hours of sleep but after a few minutes of running I knew this was going to be a slogfest. I was planning on doing 4-5 miles but I changed it to 3 once I started feeling dizzy. I was running super slow and thought my body could use some recovery miles but by the time I made it to the turn around point I knew continuing wasn't a good idea. I jogged until I made it two miles since the last little bit was downhill and then walked the last mile back to my apartment. Had I been training for a goal race I probably would have pushed myself to finish the whole run and I know a lot of runners are similar. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your training is to rest.

2 miles, 10:10 avg
45 min strength


We got 22 inches of snow.



Despite getting so much snow the previous day, the roads weren't too bad. I ran 2 miles with Gracie and finished up with another two miles on my own. I was pleasantly surprised that my faster pace from Tuesday was here to stay. This is still slow for me but at least we're heading in the right direction here. Plus my neighborhood at home is crazy hilly so holding the same pace means progress!

4.01 miles, 9:35 avg
15 min core/abs


I thought this was going to be a nice relaxing run in the snow but in reality it was a hard as balls run in sleet. My neighborhood is crazy hilly and those hills kicked my ass. My calves were super tight from running in my trail shoes on the road and it was sleeting so badly I could barely open my eyes. How I didn't trip and fall on my face is a miracle.

3.36 miles, 10:19 avg


I closed out the week with some more strength work since I got back to campus early. Not much to say here but I'm still making progress

45 min strength

1400 yards
13.87 miles run
6 hours 3 minutes


  1. Solid week lady! Good work especially with all the snow, hopefully we catch a break soon!! P.s. come drag me to the pool.

  2. Seriously this weather is insane. It's not that bad here, but I've heard from all over PA and MD that it's insane!!!!! Great week of workouts nonetheless!